Unifi security gateway config gateway json

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Unifi security gateway config gateway json

Although the learning curve is initially steep, the capabilities are seemingly endless. Although fine-tuning a network setup does not necessarily apply to a home-installations, you should really tweak your already sophisticated Ubiquiti gear as much as possible. If you are as old as I am, you will remember how during the dialup modem days we tweaked MTU sizes to avoid fragmentation and packet retransmission which resulted in slower throughput on that Depending on your connectivity the maximum MTU size will most probably be such as in my case with fibre connectivity or which would be most likely a ethernet connection.

SFTP access is enabled by default and you just need to enter the same credentials you use when connecting to the controller. UPnP avoids the hassle of manually configuring port-forward rules and keeping track of which ports should be forwarded can become quite a challenge. There are many console games which will actually only properly work with UPnP enabled especially if you have multiple consoles on the same network. The real security challenge with UPnP is that if a virus, trojan, worm or other malicious program gets on your network which then will be capable of opening ports to the outside world, bypassing your firewall entirely.

UniFi Switch 8 Follow-Up and VLAN Config

If UPnP was disabled, the program could not open that port, but might be able to bypass the firewall in other ways and phone home. Since UPnP assumes that local programs are trustworthy such as your PS4 or games running on it, or Skypeit allows them to forward ports.

It is really up to the user to ensure that malicious programs do not run on the home-network use malware scanners and antivirus software and do not download pirated software. In the above example you will notice that port Skype is forwarded from anywhere to my computer.

You can either restart the USG which takes time or simply make a change to the USG I typically just create a dummy port-forward rule, apply it, provision it and afterwards delete it :.

The above port-forward configuration also shows you how you could manually enable forwarding rules. The problem however is that you will not be able to configure multiple forward rules to multiple IPs inside your network i. Advertisement Hosttech. Brave Privacy Browser:. Recent Posts Reflecting on four weeks in Austria Jan 13, Some background and why this blog Aug 24, Afrihost lawyers respond in the spam appeal process Aug 18, Correct, that is not showed in the screenshots sorry.

Guest and VoIP. Very helpful post. Is this possible to do? Thanks, by default inter-vlan routing works i. Another great article. Just one question. Hi John - all you should need to do is add the ip address of the printer to the allowed subnets under the guest port settings. Can someone please explain to me why the USG wont accept a vlan setting on the wan. Im hoping to use this to replace my orcon router and orcon use vlan Nothing seems to work properly on this router i cant get a lan setup or anything.

If you are running an older firmware you can have these issues with the USG not holding settings correctly or not displaying the VLAN option as you are running an old firmware. Hi there, the AP's can be connected to any spare port you like. I would not connect the to the ports configured above that are configured for ethernet only links port 5, 6 and 7.

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Unknown February 1, at AM. Dan February 1, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home.Matthijs Hoekstra Uncategorized 3 Comments. Since a while I run my home network on Unify hardware. This was introduced in the 5. I removed the changes below from the config. If you check your interfaces on the USG you should see an ipv6 address from Comcast. Your eht1 interface will only have a ipv4 address.

Next you have to configure ipv6 for all your networks. Go to Networks. Click save and your are set.

Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway USG IPv6 config.gateway.json

You can enable this on other networks you have configured as well of course. Way simpler than with the config file. But you can very easily set it up through the command line or through provisioning a configuration file.

The easiest is go through the command line. You can enter show configuration to see what the current configuration is. You will see some messages about Re-generating radvd config file for eth1… and Re-starting radvd: radvd. The following commands need to be entered in configuration mode again:.

You can check if you received an ipv6 address by typing show interfaces. And if you have an ipv6 address you can test the connection by using ping6 www. Another way to provision your USG is by creating a config. You need to trigger a provisioning of your USG to make this configuration happen. This can be done by changing the HDCP lease range from The provisioning will merge the USG configuration with the configuration in the json file.

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So now you got IPv6 running on your network. This is the post in the forum which helped me fix this in the end. Nate September 17, pm. Thanks a bunch for putting this together.

It helped me get IPv6 going on my setup at home. Jose Olcese October 9, pm. Why would you allow that? Your Name. Your Email.A couple of examples are:.

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The Client Identifier is how the USG records the name of your various systems on the internal network, which are populated in the Clients tab on your Controller. You can override the default Client Identifier name for a given client by creating an Alias for it:. However, this is purely cosmetic and the Alias will only be visible in your Clients listing on the Controller and in reports, analysis, insights, etc. There is also the issue of static DNS hosts. That Identifier might be factory-set by the manufacturer like in the SmartThings and Sonos examples below e.

The only modification that the USG makes as of Controller firmware version 5. Prior versions to Firmware 5. Firmware 5. Removed 'host-decl-name' from registration consideration, so hosts with DHCP reservations defined in the controller will have the client-provided client hostname registered.

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These were both welcome improvements, but there were still three issues remaining that make the USG DNS less than useful:. As of Firmware version 5. When I initially read that article, I had several difficulties that I had to work through to understand how to perform this configuration.

The USG will be configured when it is Provisioned, based on the contents of the file on the Controller. Now that you know where to place your config. The config. This merger will take any sections defined in the config. There is a pair of entries at the beginning of my entries.Ubiquiti are known for their Unifi range WiFi access points and easy management.

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If you use their controller software you can get some useful graphs and a dead-easy configuration utility. Problem with that is — you may not be able or willing to just swap out a gateway router, plus the Unifi firewall config is still not where it should be in my view. So this is the basic idea:. How would this work with a layer 2 trunk with multiple vlans?

My understanding is that the contents of config. So if your config. The config. Unfortunately the UniFi logic does not take the file into account when making changes through the GUI. The painful workaround is to remove the config.

After the manual changes are back in just recreate the config. Eventually I got tired of it and just automated the steps hint — add timers!

This effects SW upgrades as well, not just config changes…. Also, see this post for a proper example of how to do exactly this, where you can still make changes in the GUI without having to clear the config.

Noffie, Thanks for sharing those posts! I went ahead and tried it out but unfortunately my previous statement still stands. With the proposed rule I can preempt the default NAT rules, but since there is a config. Rule was persistent throughout a software upgrade as well as GUI config changes.

Only when the config. Odd, I swear it is working correctly for us to do GUI changes after putting a config. One thought I had — are you putting everything in your config. It actually says in that UniFi documentation I linked to that it is dangerous to have anything in your config. Can result in a re-provisioning loop.

Did your provider give you any details for that? For example, is there a static route configured on their end, OSPF, etc.? Another important thing to remember is that the USG is a state-full firewall. By default it will only let packets in on the WAN port that are part of a registered session.

So if you are planning to use a web server on the Let me try and revert back. I mean, who operates DHCP, routing, statistics, etc. As the USG runs in layer 3, it can have fire-walling turned on or off. I assume WAN subnet could be If you work with a default route on the USG pointing to Keep in mind that depending on how far you took the USG config you may or may not be able to ping from your firewall to clients on Hello all, I have been struggling with my USG for quite sometime, and thinking of abandoning all together.

Controller is connected to cloud, I can see all my devices and see cameras 4. I have correct rules setup on the sonicwall 5. Unless specifically turned off, the USG will act as a stateful firewall by default. Anyway, this type of problem is exactly why I started this thread :.A collection of valid JSON config.

The filename and a comment near the top of each example indicate what that particular file will configure. Over time, more and more of these snippets should be archived as that functionality hopefully becomes incorporated into the UniFi SDN Controller's web interface.

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Each example file in this folder is a complete and validated config. However, if you wish to combine one or more example files or add to your existing config.

unifi security gateway config gateway json

Enables additional Debian repos on a USG to make installing packages like nano easier. Choose which example file s to use depending on your hardware and network setup. Contributed by learningman. Skip to content. Branch: master. Create new file Find file History. Latest commit. Latest commit dc23c27 Feb 18, Example config. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Feb 18, Update add-debian-repos. Jan 20, Update force-dns-to-dual-piholes.

Feb 4, Update force-dns-to-pihole. Update vrrp-dual-routers-usg3. Update vrrp-dual-routers-usg4.If you have the BT Smarthub, this is all configured out of the box to work without any configuration required.

Here is the step by step guide for you:.

Run a Ubiquiti USG in (semi) Transparent Mode

Note — this works reliably and consistently No drop outs after a few minutes or IPC errors! Use notepad to create a file called config. Take extreme care not to miss anything out or add anything:. In my case this is This is NOT the same as your gateway or router address and will end in 0.

Accept the warning message about the SSH Thumprint, then enter the same credentials you use to login to the web interface. In my case this is username: UBNT and my password. Just learn the basics for navigating, inserting text and existing saving the file esc, colon w q! Go to your notepad containing the contents of the config.

unifi security gateway config gateway json

You will now see the contents of the file appear on screen. Type cat config. Close the putty session.

unifi security gateway config gateway json

This is really simple. Using the same steps as in Step 1, open a putty session — but this time open one to the USG itself in my case This shows that the IGMP proxy process is successfully running! Wait for your firewall rules to update — and test your BT TV. Go to Solution. I think that will be the best option to be honest. Shows you how to extract your entire config to a file.


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